Exit Strategies

It’s never too early to plan. As a member of the local business community with years of C-level business management experience, we understand the process of building, operating, and eventually selling businesses. We’ve been there and are happy to work with clients as they prepare for an eventual bolt-on acquisition or divestiture. Every situation is different, and is dependent upon the owner’s goals, which in turn are affected by the dynamic California agribusiness climate.

We take the long-term approach to business strategy planning and development, and work to bring a fresh view to issues and concerns faced by our clients. Typical consulting assignments may include such areas as business/product search, distribution channel development, competitive market analysis, business turnarounds, and exit planning.

Tailored to meet your business needs

More often than not, the business value and resultant equity is an important component of an owner’s total wealth. Succession planning can be vital to an eventual change of control transaction and financial end game. Our Consulting Services are individually tailored in an effort to meet the Client’s specific “end goal” in mind, and business needs.

At Agribusiness Brokers we possess an extensive range of C- level leadership, ownership, and representation experience across diverse industries, culminating in successful transactions of our own. Developing and/or operating a successful business requires tremendous dedication, sacrifice and effort. Having been over the road ourselves, we understand the pressures and challenges faced by entrepreneurs and business owners in today’s fast paced and ever-changing business environment.

Confidentiality is respected and maintained throughout the engagement, as defined by the assignment.