Who We Are

Agribusiness Brokers is a Central California investment banking firm providing business valuation, mergers & acquisitions, and strategic advisory services in support of our client’s long-term success. Reputation is important and Agribusiness Brokers is known for our comprehensive industry knowledge, M&A transaction experience, and senior-level attention we provide to every client engagement. We have extensive operational and transaction experience spanning multiple industries and maintain an expansive business network of contacts and relationships at private equity firms and corporations, extending across the country. At Agribusiness Brokers we have proven our ability to help clients maximize their business value.

We help maximize your business value

When choosing an advisory firm to represent your interests, it’s important to keep these thoughts in mind: Integrity, Confidentiality, Results.


Over the past 30 plus years while actively working on multiple valuation engagements, M&A transactions, and serving in C-level leadership roles the long-term benefit has been the many lasting friendships created along the way. Through it all, we have built our reputation by striving to take the high road and treating clients and other deal participants as we would want to be treated. While our business record speaks for itself, we place great value on our relationships with numerous former clients, colleagues and business acquaintances from around the Country. After all is said and done our reputation is what remains, and integrity is at the heart of it.


The very nature of our business requires confidentiality and trust. While every assignment is unique, more often than not, our clients wish to maintain confidentiality for as long as possible.

Having built and sold our own businesses, we understand these confidentiality concerns from the client’s point of view and make every effort to protect confidentiality throughout each business engagement.


At Agribusiness Brokers, we keep the client’s end goal in mind on a day-to-day basis and maintain focus throughout the assignment, working together to maximize value. We recognize that change in control transactions sometimes suffer setbacks and delays while the process evolves.

As a result, M&A transactions are often complicated and can sometimes take time and perseverance to complete. At Agribusiness Brokers we pride ourselves in closing the majority of the deals that we manage.

See what our clients have to say…

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Agribusiness Brokers were instrumental in the entire process of selling our business. Their staff is top-notch and professional. Our results were exceptional, and Agribusiness Brokers helped drive the value we felt our company was worth.

Mark Saldivar

General Manager,

Allied Electric

Todd as an investment banker understands the complexity and emotions involved in any deal. He knows all deals die three times, and can revive them to a fruitful conclusion. We were very happy to have Todd represent us in the successful sale of our Healthcare Distribution Company!

Craig Holbrook

President & CEO,

Global Medical & dental Inc

Todd, … thanks for the incredible job you did on selling our business and warehouse buildings. You had a clear vision from the beginning on how to market the whole business and pursued it with some of the best service and expertise I have experienced.

Other agents tried without success, but you did produce results during the COVID years of 2020-2021. Your abilities to find qualified buyers and reach out to areas others did not was great. Thank you.

Garth Ramseier


Anchor Warehouse Services