Providing tailored financial advisory and real estate investment services to California Agribusiness and Industrial companies.

About Us – Agribusiness Brokers

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Agribusiness Brokers is a leading Central California-based Business Broker providing financial advisory and real estate services, focused specifically on the Agribusiness and Industrial markets. Reputation is important and our principals are known for local business knowledge, M&A and real estate transaction experience, and senior-level attention we provide to every client engagement. We have proven operational and transaction experience spanning multiple industries and maintain an expansive business network of contacts and relationships at private equity firms and corporations, extending across the country. At Agribusiness Brokers our focus is on helping clients achieve their financial goals while maximizing business value.

When it comes to the successful and timely completion of an M&A transaction, experience counts. At Agribusiness Brokers we have a proven depth of understanding, developed over many years of providing advisory service to our valued clients.

Core Competence Areas

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Representation

Agribusiness Brokers represents both buyers and sellers in M&A engagements, helping our clients achieve their goals. In our experience, most M&A transactions take time to complete – 12 to 18 months on average. Sometimes M&A transactions fail to close due to the way the business is taken to market, or the background and/or experience level of the agent representing the client. Completing the transaction successfully also requires a certain trust level between the client and broker. It’s a full-time hands-on process that requires a dynamic plan of attack coupled with preparation and patience on the part of the client and broker.

Business Valuation

At Agribusiness Brokers our Business Valuation services are designed to complement both the M&A Transaction and Strategic Consulting Services we offer to clients. While we are fully accredited Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA) from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, in the end the ultimate transaction value often comes down to needs and negotiation processes between both sides of the deal. Over many years and multiple engagements we have proven our ability to help clients maximize their business value and achieve their goals.

Real Estate

M&A engagements often include commercial real estate as an additional component of the transaction. Our principals are licensed in both California and Florida, with successful transaction experience across many commercial property types (i.e., Retail, Office, Industrial, and Ag and Commercial Investment properties) in support of the client’s mandate. As such we welcome the opportunity to represent our clients in commercial real estate transactions. Agribusiness Brokers Inc. is a California licensed Real Estate Corporation #02106832.

Dedicated & Industry Focused

Agribusiness Brokers represents clients across a wide range of Agribusiness and industrial models. We possess the requisite local industry operational experience in California’s vibrant economy, coupled with a strong financial acumen and background necessary to support our clients throughout the engagement. Our financial advisory services are focused on providing the best guidance and service available to our clients, as we work together to improve long-term growth and create additional value. The execution of a business valuation, sale, acquisition, or turnaround assignment is complex, and each mandate presents its own unique blend of challenges. Let’s talk about how we can help you.

If you’re looking for Business Valuation, Business Broker, or need help with Real Estate Investment… Look no further. Agribusiness Brokers is here to help.

When it comes to the successful and timely completion of an M&A transaction, experience counts. At Agribusiness Brokers, we not only have a breadth of knowledge and skill but also have a proven depth of understanding, an ability developed by years of service in the M&A industry. Our strong working knowledge of transactions comes from successful careers in senior leadership positions, developing and operating and representing manufacturers, distributors, and service companies across North America. Yet, it is our local roots and years of business experience in Central California that makes another significant difference.

We understand California Agribusiness, the industry’s major contributors and drivers, and what is required to build a successful operation. We also maintain working relationships with private equity groups, industry leaders, and other investment banks throughout North America. Considering our combined operational and financial backgrounds, we are quite confident that the range of leadership, ownership, and representation experience we possess is unmatched in financial services and investment banking. Reputation is important, and we have proven our ability helping clients maximize transaction values, time and again.